I decided once again to use the motif of a bee and this special plant called „Queen Anne’s lace” to express my admiraton for this wonderful insect. There are a lot of meadows near my house, so, as the summer has already come, I can watch them together, hundreds, or even thousands bees in work. how they cooperate to make pleasure to Mother Nature.

I like observing them in work, they fly from one flower to another with delectable buzzing, they are so calm and sure what to do, they work all day long without complaint and they cheer meadows, gardens and parks. They look so nice in their yellow and black soft coats. Their wings, translucent, delicate and shiny, make me think of a beautiful piece of art. In the sun rays they seem to glow and sparkle in all rainbow’s colours. The fine reticulations bring to mind old maps with different roads to far lands and other continents. Just pure beauty.

This amazing shade of yellow, I used in my new wrap, brings to mind a holiday in the countryside, bread baked by my grandmother with delicious honey from my grandfather's apiary. I hope that the most beautiful childhood memories will come back to you.
This wrap in a beautiful honey color at first seems quite raw to the touch, but the first wash will change it extremely. It has handmade fringes that give it an additional charm.
What is more, this special blend make this wrap a real piece of art.

Dentelle de la reine Anne – Abeille

  • "Dentelle de la reine Anne – Abeille" has as usual unique and noble blend, 100% natural and because of that will be perfect even for alergics.
    A thin wrap perfect even for big toddlers and after wash also good for newbies.
    Thanks to this special blend, it is very carrying.

    "Dentelle de la reine Anne – Abeille" is 265 gsm of:
    57% raw linen
    40% tussah
    3% bamboo

    I weave Wild Slings wraps on our own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail.
    Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.