Dear Wild Slings' Friends,
I would like to present to you the last wrap this year from the "Dentelle de la reine Anne" collection. I decided that at the end I will leave something special for you - a wrap with a delicate color like a summer kiss, woven from a mixture of fibers, the touch of which on your skin will make you feel pleasant a feeling of bliss and warmth. Please meet "Dentelle de la reine Anne - Poudre sensuelle".


I remember one lazy summer evening that I spent in the meadow with my family. We walked among the intensely fragrant flowers, their scent could really turn your head. When I closed my eyes, I managed to focus all my senses on the present sensations, which made me feel indescribable bliss. The murmur of grasses, the sonorous buzzing of insects, the gentle warm breeze enveloping my skin, and that indescribable smell - I'm pretty sure that's what happiness smells like. When I opened my eyes, I noticed that the sky was adjusting to my feelings. It started to slowly change from blue to pastel pink, and at least I have seen this phenomenon more than once - this time, combined with the intensity of all sensual experiences, it touched me immensely. This moment was the essence of happiness, and although delicate and fleeting, it left me with an undying feeling of fulfillment. I am immensely grateful to the fate of my beloved family and faithful friends, among whom I also include you.


The last of this year's wrap from the "Dentelle de la reine Anne" collection I wove inspired by this wonderful evening, I wove a whole range of emotions into it, which makes it almost enchanting. The whole universe pushes us towards happiness, let's dare to reach out to him, and when it does, let's not scare him, let us appreciate and embrace him as we embrace our beloved child. Happiness then surrounds us with its magical strength, strengthening family ties and the feeling of closeness.


The scarf, although woven with happiness, is incredibly load-bearing and durable, and at the same time delights with its beauty. The delicate, powdery pink of the scarf is intertwined with multi-colored threads of blue and white tussah, creating a charming mosaic of numbs, and you know how I love this combination. The white flower and insect motifs decorating the scarf emphasize its uniqueness and sensuality.


As usual, this wrap has a unique and noble blend, very soft, perfect both for the first reeling for newborns and for carrying older children, because I made sure that it is extremely strong.


I hope this wrap will have also some magical influence and your beloved baby and will always be able to help him calm down and fall asleep in a peaceful, safe sleep in your arms.


I weave Wild Slings wraps on my own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.

Dentelle de la reine Anne - Poudre sensuelle

  • "Dentelle de la reine Anne – Poudre sensuelle " is 280 gsm of an extremely soft and strong wrap made of:
    - 50% organic Pima cotton
    - 40% tussah silk
    - 10% Egyptian combed cotton


    As always I weaved them in a extremely limited numbers.