Dear Wild Slings' Friends,
They say that the best ones are left for the end - that is why today I present to you the last of the wraps in this series of pocket woven methods. As you know - this way of weaving stole my heart, so what the future holds is a mystery, meanwhile check out this piece of art!


Have you ever watched a flickering fire? A glowing fire, unfulfilled in its desires, so beautiful and alluring, always made me wonder how to capture its color, power, brilliance and magic. I was never afraid of fire, it always evoked a sense of hope and security in me. It chased away the darkness, created a safe enclave around which you could take refuge. Thanks to these amazing, orange-red tongues of flames, I have been able to discover the unknown more than once, plunge into the darkness of the forest, go into the space of an unknown gorge, which, wrapped in a bold torchlight, blew its secrets away from me. With fire in hand, proudly walking with a torch - I have always been invincible. Fire is pure magic, because The secret of unity and security lies in there. Its flames sing with every second an ancient song that continues to lure us today.


As I mentioned before - out of my love and fascination with fire, I decided to weave a wrap that will remind you of this sense of security, while emphasizing the beauty and uniqueness of this invincible element. Wild animals are the closest to mystery, after all, they hide many secrets themselves. That is why I decided that they would represent this beautiful pattern. Full blood brotherhood, pure nature, wild and untamed. Against a deep black background, a deer, a bear and a wolf look stately, woven in fiery colors of orange, yellow and red.


As you can see – it is impressionistic piece of art thanks to the use of my proprietary dream weave technique, where the colors intertwine like rays of light refracted by the water surface, or flames or fire – fighting with the power of dark. The resilience of this wrap is due to the unique pocket technique, which involves joining fibers together, which make the material incomparably soft, and then be able to wrap your child like a fluffy, insanely pleasant in touch cloud. The wrap, thanks to its softness and durability, is perfect for both newborns and older children. The fabric is soft and smooth and velvety to the touch.
„Freres de sang- le flambeau” is made from unique and noble fibers, because I combined bio FairTrade GOTS cotton with noble soft linen.


I decided to weave this wrap in this combination because of the great properties of linen: it is non-allergenic, breathtable, extra soft and fantastically light. In the other hand, the BIO FairTrade GOTS cotton is certified, the highest quality cotton with the highest standards maintained at every stage of the production of this cotton. From harvesting to yarn processing, to fair employment conditions for the people who work in the production of this durable and soft cotton.

Freres de sang - le flambeau

  • I weave Wild Slings wraps on my own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.


    „Freres de sang- le flambeau” is is 350 gsm of an extremely soft and strong wrap made of:
    60% Bio fairtrade gots cotton
    40% Noble soft linen