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Jardin Secret, as all my projects, is a hand drawing, although this time I decided to go even further and create a multi-dimensional project in the regard of colours and splice.

Jardin Secret is a design that emerged from love to wild nature. You can see a hummingbird, flickering his wings over the flowers’ buds. A dragonfly, glistering in many shades of blue, hides between the leaves.
On the very bottom of the stem forest there is a snail and an autumn, red apple. It all constitutes a lovely symbiosis of colours, allows us to enjoy to the full all that is most beautiful in wild nature.

As I announced in the giveaway, this design is unique not only because of its extensive detail in drawings but also the colour pallet.
Until today, no one ever weaved anything like this wrap because it requires an amazing carefulness in composing yarns, I can only compare it to creating paintings where I intermingle different shades, changing the saturation of colours.

How was Jardin Secret created?
There are 94 colours in this extraordinary project, on each of them the splice was inserted by hand. How exactly I managed to do that will remain my secret, but it took a lot of attempts.
This spectacular wrap is a weaved painting from the borderline of dream and awake.

It is not a regular machine wrap, it has been mostly handcrafted, not only at the designing stage but also threw the weaving process.
I think the name “dreamwoven”, that I came up with for the process itself, is the most adequate because it is a weaved fantasy.

It is immensely soft; I can boldly say that it is one of the most pleasant to the touch out of all my wraps.
It is also weaved very densely and hardly pressed on the loom, that gives it a significant carrying capacity.
It is a wrap I can recommend for a just born newbie, and a few year old toddler will also fall into a deep sleep, enchanted by the sleepy dust I used so, so much.

Again I can proudly announce that Jardin Secret is another vegan project of Wild Slings
As all my wraps, it is steam-cleansed before it is delivered to your hands, so it will be safe for your child straight out of the box. (However, because of the physical shrinking of the fabric, it is always better to wash it first to get the final result).
Jardin Secret is a spectacularly realistic world of magic and beauty concealed in nature.

Jardin secret

  • This beautiful vegan fabric is 285 gsm weaved out of:

    -50% Organic pima cotton
    -50% luxurious Egyptian combed cotton

  • Find it here.

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