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It is inspired by sugar cane, a sweet, exotic plant, originating from South Asia. The luscious, bottle green background resembles a field full of this amazing plant, and acts as a host for intricate images of flowers, apples, humming-birds and butterflies in soft pinks and blues. But despite the vividness of the embroidery, the wrap is still subtle and calming. It is a guaranteed eye-catcher.
“Jardin secret - canne à sucre” is yet again primarily made with eucalyptus yarn, an environmentally friendly, subtly beautiful thread known for its luxurious softness and high absorbability. This time, I’ve decided to interweave it with a yarn made out of sugar cane. This particular thread is incredibly silk-like, hypoallergenic, and thanks to its thermoregulatory properties, is the perfect choice for hot weather. It is also biodegradable and water-absorbent. Sugar cane fiber is typically made with the remains left after the process of extracting juice out of the plants' stalks. It is also used as a renewable power source and in the production of biodegradable materials, although rarely in cloths. We are the first company to ever weave together this combination of fibers.

Jardin secret - canne à sucre

  • “Jardin secret - canne à sucre” is 280gsm of:
    50% eucalyptus
    50% sugarcane
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