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The forest has always been a magical place to me. It is the kingdom of colors, smells and sounds. But the most beautiful is the foggy forest, covered with mystery and silence, interrupted only by the sound of a beating heart.

Silence - Carrier

  • I decided to use this minimalist and elegant pattern to create these extraordinary carriers with detached pointy hat (entirely made out of the wrap).

    It is soft structured ergonomic vertically and horizontally adjustable carrier (for children from size 68 upwards until about 4-5 y.o.)

    All carriers are recommended for children already sitting up unassisted.

    Vertical and horizontal adjustment allows to fit the carrier for maximum child’s comfort.

    Cushioned at the kneepits to provide best child’s comfort. Places the child in an ergonomic body position.

    It can be worn on the front or back.

    Soft, broad hip belt.

    Width : 18-47cm (above the hip belt)

    Heigh: 26-45cm

    100% safe, 100% comfortable, 100% love

  • Find it here.

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