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"L'espace" is a metaphor of freedom.
The border between the sky and the stormy sea is almost invisible. It’s an extremely expressive and symbolic pattern that I have been creating for many months. Woven from a combination of more than 1,500 hand-applied strands and colors, it creates the most precise and spectacular masterpiece.

This is the quintessence of the power of nature; the majestic whale jumps out of the frothed sea and becomes an uncontrollable element.

The triangle that the whale is heading to, is a mystical transition between reality and dreams, a symbiosis with the universe and the balance between the calm of the night sky and the power of the turbulent ocean.

This is the second – after “Jardin Secret” – extraordinary gobelin that I’ve created from an entire spectrum of colors. There has never been a wrap that would be so incredibly precise in details and in arranging the whole composition on the loom.


This spectacular wrap will be good for both newbies and toddlers. It is extremely plastic and it's hard to compare it with any other.

L' Espace

  • "L'espace" is 285 gsm of a fleshy combination of two unusual, vegan and highest quality blends:

    -50% Organic Pima cotton

    -50% Egyptian combed cotton

  • Find it here.

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