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When I create new designs for Wild Slings, I always try to catch Nature’s magical elements and compose them as a painting. I also love appealing to ancient religious beliefs and runes, which have in my opinion, a close connection to the nature and true of life.

A horse, for me, symbolizes wildness, independance, welfare and beauty. When he runs so lightly and smooth, and his mane dances in the wind, he embodies the whole world’s peace and freedom. Wild horses are very rare nowdays. Although, I have never seen any, I can image his magical life on meadows, steppes and in forests. They are like an elusive and fleeting spirit of the naure scurrying fast before he gets noticed.

Horses are one of the most thoughtful and sensitive animals in the world. They can understand us, humans, they can feel our emotions and quite all bad thoughts. They also carry well theirs offsprings, they are wonderful parents and unconditional love for children is the highest value for them. Sometimes I wish for being a horse and be able to love my children with as much wisdom, prudence and openness.
The horse in my new desing is wrapped in an aureole of ancient runes - a compass that shows the way on the intricate path of parenthood.

I decided to reach again for a classic blend, universal and perfect in its simplicity. The one that gently wraps the delicate skin of a newborn baby but also can make a toddler fall asleep in your arms.

L’Esprit de la foret

  • "L’Esprit de la foret" is 270 gsm of:
    -50% Egyptian combed cotton
    -50% organic Pima cotton

    I weave Wild Slings wraps on our own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail.

    As always I weaved them in a very limited number

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