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Dear Wild Slings' Friends,
I have always wanted to discover all the secrets of the night sky. I am fascinated by how many secrets the galaxy hides from us, which, even though it is so distant, we can admire its beauty from the ground, especially during the beautiful nights of falling meteorites.
When clouds cover the night sky, the moon, stars and planets use all their power to present themselves to us, and sometimes they take on a demonic appearance, bringing back in our minds stories of cosmic guardians, good and bad spirits. Bearing in mind my fascination with the night sky and all its legends, I decided to weave a wrap in a very non-obvious color of the night sky. A very dark navy blue with a dark purple outburst that really resembles the depths of shooting stars at night. The meteor shower is a very mysterious phenomenon, a wonderful show that nature gives us every year. I love watching this show because it’s pure magic.


I dreamed of portraying him on my wrap, soaked in the rain of tiny forget-me-nots. To emphasize the beauty of this spectacle, the meteor shower, I used a beautiful tussah in shades of red and white that bring to mind the mysterious Mars planet.


Since ancient times, people believed in the magic power hidden in the heavens, putting their hope in the power of shooting stars. Nowadays, people are not so attached to such signs, although planets and comets appearing in the sky still arouse great interest. However, the belief persisted that one day we would be able to get to know other planets closely and seeing a falling star one should think about a good wish and it will certainly come true.


So close your eyes, make a wish, stand in a field full of forget-me-nots and maybe the wish for this wrap will come true.
"L’heure des merveilles - Météorites martiennes" is made from cotton and my favorite tussah silk, which is famous for its enveloping qualities and is soft and strong at the same time. Thanks to this mixture, the wrap works perfectly, tightens well and looks phenomenal all the time. This wrap combines everything that I appreciate in my projects - exceptional softness, flexibility and unique design. It is perfect both for the first reeling of a newborn and for carrying older children - it is load-bearing and roomy, and when carrying a child in it, we almost do not feel its weight, because the material creates elastic cushions on our shoulders that absorb the weight.

L’heure des merveilles - Météorites martiennes

  • "L’heure des merveilles - Météorites martiennes" is 260 gsm of an extremely soft and strong wrap made of:
    - 60% organic Pima cotton
    - 40% tussah silk


    I weave Wild Slings wraps on my own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.

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