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Today, I want to introduce you to another wrap in my no-cotton collection. This particular piece is inspired by poppy seeds. The primary colour of this wrap is a beautiful shade of navy blue, but you can also notice subtle undertones of violet if the light hits the wrap just right. It is accompanied by a vibrant red that contrasts amazingly with the blue base. The wrap is patterned with various plants and flowers that stand out vividly against the more subdued background.
This wrap is another made out of eucalyptus yarn, which is a soft and silky plant-based yarn with a beautiful, subtle sheen. It is also environmentally friendly, beautiful, luxuriously soft, and highly absorbent. Eucalyptus is accompanied by tussah silk, merino wool, and yak - an unusual and unique yarn that makes the sling light and soft; rarer than cashmere, ethically sourced, antibacterial and antiallergic, incredibly soft and delicate. Wraps mixed with merino wool and yak yarn are also perfect for the weather in warmer places. They have thermoregulatory properties, so the baby doesn’t overheat, and thanks to the whole mix, the wrap is extremely airy.

"La forêt vierge - le pavot bleu" with fringes

  • "La forêt vierge - le pavot bleu" is 270gsm of:
    40% - soft eucalyptus
    10% - mulesing free merino wool
    35% - tussah
    15% - yak
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