magical power makes all the wishes come true for the person who sees it. What are your's wishes?

As always I seek answers in yarns, I try to find some inspiration in nature, creating the most exceptional wraps. I hesitated for quite a while whether I should do this combination. I perfected the composition time and time again, in the matter of colour and also the final blend itself. I think that to bring out the most of this blend’s attributes, it is best to go with only two ingredients – bourette silk and linen. Some of you had seen my no cotton compositions of tussah and raw linen. You know they are amazing, adhesive and plastic wraps with an ocean of colourful nubs.

How different is bourette? It is a breathing, adhesive silk that doesn’t wrinkle. Milled threads don’t have the typical tussah nubs, but it has tiny, colourful confetti. On dark blue the threads look like colourful lanterns, lost in the vast, night sky. Take a close look; they are magical.

Yet again I decided to use the La foret vierge design for a blend’s premiere; I can’t imagine any other of my designs, that would suit it better.

La foret vierge - Fern’s flower

  • To emphasize its uniqueness, I weaved Fern’s flower from:

    50%bourette silk
    50% raw linen

    It is a jaw-dropping, durable and noble fabric of an inconspicuous 270 gsm grammage. Light, elegant with a finishing of tassels tied up in fringes. It will cuddle to sleep a newbie as well as a toddler, unveiling many secrets before them…

  • Find it here.


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