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All versions of „La foret vierge” present elements of a forest world, that create the incredible unity. This is one of my favourite designs, that reveals the secrets of the forest, shows the elusiveness, displays who or what is hiding behind a specific sound or scent.
Submerging in the cool thickness of fern’s fishnet, you can meet the smallest dwellers of the forest kingdom. Possibly most of them will hide from your sight.
I wanted to connect the wildness of the forest with the elegance of the night and entwining into this wrap an element of mystery and magic.

The yellow sparks of tussah lighten the dark of the forest.
"Green Fairy" is a bow to the impressionism world, to Van Gogh holding a glass of absinth…
The depth of colours of "La foret vierge- Green Fairy" is like a drug, but in the positive meaning – its strength is the magnetism of closeness; covering a child with cosy mist of moss will provide it with calm and let it peacefully fall asleep in your arms.

La foret vierge - Green Fairy

  • As always I took care to make this wrap perfect for a small newbie as well as for a few-year-old toddler.

    „La foret vierge - Green Fairy” is a 280 gsm composition of 3 noble blends:
    50% Egyptian combed cotton
    40% tussah silk
    10% organic Pima cotton

    As always wooven on our own loom which is a guarantee of their highest quality.

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