Dear Wild Slings’ Friends,
I am more than proud that I can finally present you the project on which I was working last few months. It's the first Wild Slings' wrap woven in the pocket weave technique, which allowed me to create this stunning and breathtaking wrap. You can't compare the pocket weave with any other weave, so I will tell you something about this with a great pleasure.


Have you ever watched a dragonfly sit for a moment on a flower bush on a sunny, late spring afternoon? I had the pleasure of watching this sight as it flew gracefully and, stopping for a second, she rested savoring the moment of silence. I was alone at the time, focusing on practicing mindfulness, and with sensitivity and calmness, I gave myself time for this fascinaning observation. Dragonflies are amazing creatures, insanely beautiful and elegant, and at the same time bold and determined. It is a combination of fragility, delicacy and dynamics that delights in its genius. I looked at the rays of the sun penetrating through its wings - and then I decided that I would like to capture this effect on my wraps. That is why my new wrap is named after a dragonfly, and each of the thousands of small leaves that make up the pattern is unique.


I have achieved this effect thanks to the Dream Weave technique which I invented - thanks to it, it is possible to manipulate colors in such a way as to obtain a spectacular effect of the play of lights, flashes of the sun's rays shining through the leaves or through the water. Unusual play of colors, shading shades - I am constantly trying to capture the elusive. Capture the moments and wonders of nature.
Pocket Weave is a name which I gave to this technique: there are two layers of fabric joined together by a pattern. Thanks to this, despite the very high grammage, the wrap is soft as a cloud, spongy and has great tightening. You almost wrap your baby in a fluffy, insanely soft miracle - it is a wrap that can be used for a very small child as well as a toddler - it is very durable and extremely comfortable for both the parent and the child.


Another extremely important factor that makes this wrap completely unique are the yarns from which it is woven.
BIO FairTrade GOTS cotton - it is certified, the highest quality cotton. The quality of this cotton is excellent, it also meets the highest standards maintained at every stage of the production of this cotton. From harvesting to yarn processing, to fair employment conditions for the people who work in the production of this durable and soft cotton.


I decided to weave this wrap in a combination of cotton and merino yarn, because its properties are just great: it is non-allergenic, soft and fantastically light. I am a vegetarian, and it is extremely important to me that no animal suffers from the sourcing of this noble raw material. For I am a staunch opponent of animal mutilation. Therefore, this issue of cruelty free is a priority for me. I am very happy that the merino wool we use is Mulesing free, and thanks to this we can benefit from its phenomenal properties.


I am sure that you will fall in love with this beautiful wrap, which is a real piece of art: not only looks amazing, but the entire process of its creation is extremely beautiful, in line with nature and the highest standards. I am proud to share this miracle with you.

La libellule-pocket weave & dream weave ©

  • I weave Wild Slings wraps on my own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.


    „La libellule” is 360 gsm of an extremely soft and strong wrap made of:
    70% Bio fairtrade gots cotton
    30% mulesing free merino wool