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Dear Wild Slings’ Friends
Take a look at our newest wrap coming from our "Les moments" no cotton collection. This particular piece is inspired by a frozen lake. The wrap is primarily kept in a soft shade of beige, complemented by multicolor confetti from tsumugi japanese silk and meadow pattern in a lovely turquoise... The colour scheme gives this wrap a calming and cosy feel, reminiscent of an image of a lake covered in ice and snow.
This is yet another wrap made out of eucalyptus yarn, but this time we combined it with Tsumugi silk and bamboo threads. This combination makes the wrap perfect for summer - it’s soft and breathable, and the addition of the silk makes it fluffy and ethereal.

Le souvenir d'été-Lac gelé

  • "Le souvenir d'été - Lac gelé" with fringes is 275gsm of:
    40% beige japanease tsumugi silkwith multicolr confetti
    50% Eucalyptus
    10% Bamboo
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