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Dear Wild Slings’ Friends
Today I bring to You a new wrap from my no-cotton collection. This time it’s inspired by the nigella plant; although it’s most commonly known for its black seeds, this particular spice is characterised by its vibrant blue flowers. This particular wrap is primarily in a lovely shade of cyan blue, and it’s decorated with burgundy wildflowers. The colours contrast beautifully with each other, creating a clear image of a wild meadow. It’s a gorgeous wrap, sure to catch anyone’s eye.
This is yet another wrap made out of eucalyptus yarn, notable for its softness and subtle,
silk-like sheen. It is not only beautiful to look at, but it’s also environmentally friendly and highly absorbent. The eucalyptus threads are interwoven with tussah silk, which is famous for its extraordinary qualities - it’s soft and strong at the same time. Thanks to this mixture, the wrap works perfectly, tightens well and looks phenomenal all the time. It is perfect for both newborns and older children - it is load-bearing and roomy.

Le souvenir d'ete - le cumin noir (with fringes)

  • "Le souvenir d'été - le cumin noir (with fringes)" is 275gsm of:
    50% eucalyptus
    50% tussah silk