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Today's premiere is very special to me. Not only because of the new illustration that I would like to show you, but also because of a completely new blend.

"Les corbeaux de l'orage" (from French: The ravens of the storm) is a pattern I've been working on for a long time. I wanted to depict the atmosphere of this drawing, I wanted you to feel the power of nature contained in it.

It is a pattern in which the wind blows the clouds away and the majestic ravens herald the downpour and cleansing.

In the windy clouds you will find a reference to the ancient history when the man respected nature and its power and the whole world was a temple of nature.

In the dust of the clouds you will see the symbols of the ancient history: the powerful Perun and Weles, the arms symbolizing power and omnipotence and ending with symbolic combs of rain and sun.

I also placed the ancient Vegvisir in the vortex, who is a compass in the escalation of elements and nature.

I really wanted the blend to surprise you with its uniqueness. For the first time, I decided to tame the yarn that always fascinated me.

Wild, vegan, beautiful. Its irregularity is manifested by some thickenings of fibers, which woven into soft combed cotton remind me of wild flowers woven into the hair.

It's the strongest of the yarns. Comparable with linen, but harder to access, definitely more beautiful and more noble, unique.

Do you already know...?

Les corbeaux de l'orage

  • "Les corbeaux de l'orage" is an extraordinary 280gsm woven from the most mysterious, 100% vegan composition:

    - 50% Organic Pima cotton

    - 15% Egyptian combed cotton

    - 35% black as raven’s feathers organic hemp yarn

    This is a very well carrying wrap that is as strong as father's arms, but it is also easy to tame in its severity. Created to be worn on hot days because of its unusual blend that makes it perfect for the summer.

    Do not be afraid of this wrap if you want to wear a little baby - it will soon become delicate like a second skin, but it will never lose its character of a mysterious and wild plant fabric.

  • Find it here.

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