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As you know I love observing the nature. Its beautiful elements always inspire me to create new, exeptional designs like these ravens in the storm. Look at them! Don’t you have the feeling that they will fly away from the wrap right now?

The wind is blowing the clouds away and the majestic ravens herald the downpour and cleansing.
In the windy clouds you will find a reference to the ancient history when the man respected nature and its power and the whole world was a temple of nature.

In the dust of the clouds you will see the symbols of the ancient history: the powerful Perun and Weles, the arms symbolizing power and omnipotence and ending with symbolic combs of rain and sun.
I also placed the ancient Vegvisir in the vortex, who is a compass in the escalation of elements and nature.

Those of you who have tried my previous wraps from the series „Eclipse solaire” already know its incredible softness.
Those who haven’t will be surprised how delicate and nice to touch this blend is. It is again an amazing combination of two yarns, delicate, noble, organic cotton with rexor – shiny, metallized yarn in an environment-friendly viscose variant.

This beautiful golden and black wrap is made from reinforced threads and will, without any difficulty, carry also a toddler. At the same time, because of its remarkable softness, it will be ideal for a newbie.

Les corbeaux de l'orage - Eclipse solaire

  • I also take pride in saying that this is a vegan wrap. As all my wraps it is steam-disinfected and therefore safe for your child straight from the box* (The final fibre shaping is reached in the effect of the first wash and that is what I always recommend).

    Éclipse solaire is 275 gsm weaved from:
    -88% organic Pima cotton
    -12% soft metallized and environment-friendly rexor viscose

    „Les corbeaux de l’orage – Eclipse solaire” is woven on our own loom which is a guarantee of its highest quality.

    As always I created them in a limited quantity and in first quality only, all from OEKO-Tex 100 certified yarns

  • Find it here.

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