"Les corbeaux de l'orage - la crépuscule"
La crépuscule is the French name for the dusk. This magical time just before the sunset is my favourite time of the day - in the cinematography it’s even called “magical hour”. It starts to be dark and calm but there’s still a bit of light - sometimes yellow, sometimes orange, sometimes even red… Imagine that you are standing in an abandoned windmill watching the sun disappearing over the horizon and the game of colours on the sky. It’s very quiet, even wind stops to blow. And suddenly - a strange sound that may even scare you when you hear it for the first time - the cawing of the ravens…
On a new version of “Les corbeaux de l’orage” you will see all the magical and powerful elements there were present on the first one that you loved so much: the majestic ravens, clouds, symbols of the ancient history - the powerful Perun and Weles, the arms symbolizing power and omnipotence and ending with symbolic combs of rain and sun, as well as the ancient Vegvisir in a vortex.

Les corbeaux de l'orage - la crépuscule

  • "Les corbeaux de l'orage - la crépuscule" is an extraordinary 270gsm woven from the most mysterious, 100% ethical and highest quality yarn composition of:
    -50% black organic Pima cotton
    -40% two different shades of tussah
    -10% bamboo


    It’s a very savage blend composition, ideal for summer. It’s perfect for a new born child but even a few years old toddler would be light as a feather.