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Do you like the summer storms? Unexpected, strong, quick and incredibly magic. I like observing this phenomenon. Especially when I am far away from the so called civilisation, where I can calmly look at the sky which changes colours so quickly and where I can feel the first drops falling on my head and hands. Have you ever noticed that the sky becomes blue just before it’s all dark and starts to rain? That’s amazing.

I thought that this could be a great colorway for my beautiful “Les corbeaux de l’orage” pattern and I am really proud of the effect.

Look at these ravens! Don’t you have the feeling that they will fly away from the wrap right now?

Les corbeaux de l'orage - le ciel de tempete

  • The wraps are woven on our own loom which guarantees their exceptional quality.

    This wonderful wrap has also an amazing composition:

    40% organic Pima cotton

    50% mulesing free merino wool

    10% cashmere

  • Find it here.

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