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„Les corbeaux - Marronnier”
Dear Wild Slings' Friends,
you know how I value uniqueness, and when it is seasoned with a hint of magic - my imagination is working at top speed. The inspiration for the creation of the whole series of "Les corbeaux" wraps was the most intelligent bird in the world, the mythical messenger of the gods, the dignified and mysterious raven.
My fascination with nature was born in my early childhood, and the observations of the changing world consumed me for hours. I appreciated the fauna and flora in the same way, I followed the growing sprouts with equal interest and the birds in flight. The raven is my earliest memory of the bird that made me delighted. Later I learned that I am not the only one in my adoration - this bird is pure magic, enchanted in a small but dignified creature. He always returns to familiar places, hundreds of kilometers away from his existence, mates once in a lifetime and lives on mountain peaks or ruins inaccessible to man, which is why he is almost considered an ally of the gods. In legends and myths, the raven has always played a key and unique role - in the Norse mythology which I love, Odin's ravens are the embodiment of wisdom and memory, black, majestic seers. Whenever I see a raven during a walk, I try to look at it through the eyes of my imagination, feel the strength and independence that emanates from it, despite the passage of hundreds of years of the species.
When I wove my first ravens wrap, I felt an energy flowing in it, which I also attribute to the Nordic symbols that surround these animals. Today I present you a wrap in deep brown colors, a chestnut beauty, where dignified shades of brown are interwoven with light threads of noble tussah. This creates an insane mosaic full of numbs, which decorates this wrap in an unprecedented way. Chestnut brown calms and inspires confidence, it is a color symbolizing stability and security, after all, it is the color of the earth and trees, invariably elegant and mesmerizing. Tussah, brown and raven black are simply made for each other, and this composition was just waiting for me to reach it in the abyss of my imagination. I am sure that this combination will delight you as much as it captivates me.
"Les corbeaux - Marronnier" I woved from cotton and my favorite tussah silk, which is famous for its enveloping qualities and is soft and strong at the same time. Thanks to this mixture, the wrap works perfectly, tightens well and looks phenomenal all the time. This wrap combines everything that I appreciate in my projects - exceptional softness, flexibility and unique design. It is perfect both for the first reeling of a newborn and for carrying older children - it is load-bearing and roomy, and when carrying a child in it, we almost do not feel its weight, because the material creates elastic cushions on our shoulders that absorb the weight.

Les corbeaux - Marronnier

  • „Les corbeaux - Marronnier” is 270 gsm of an extremely soft and strong wrap made of:
    -60% organic Pima cotton
    -40% tussah silk

    I weave Wild Slings wraps on my own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.
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