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Initially the project was supposed to be named „Elements”; three of them can be found on the wrap.
Water, air, earth – the life of the forest dwellers. The fourth element – fire – is symbolically present as a torch.
It lightens the dark, gives warmth. It did not feel in the right place within the forest’s symbiosis as a part of the pattern. It’s absence created a harmony and the name emerged by itself.


"Les frères de sang" (French for blood brothers) is the song of the forest, the world of wild nature.
Animals are children of the forest, all equal in the eyes of nature, each species coexisting with others, the circle of life is following the same rules for hundreds of years.
I decided to create something realistic, draw and weave a design that would resemble a photo. I think I achieved that.
"Les frères de sang" is an intricate, hand drawn as always, picture of a forest world. Inspired by roaming around forests and mountains, the wildness of the world of nature, respect towards it. As you know, the art of tattoo has a particular value to me. This design is also a tribute to the Scandinavian artists, who first started to merge realism with the wildness of nature.
I also had an intention to accomplish a strong contrast. I wanted every component to be incisive, the blackness had to be deep as a starless night. Whiteness is also very clear, delicate like milk, undisturbed by the motif’s blackness.
Without doubt the new weaving method and blend played a very important role here. It is the first time I used this blend.


After a few years of studying the weaving secrets, I already realised that depending on various factors, the same material can become a completely different yarn. That is how it was with my first design, when I consciously chose wild Portuguese cotton. It was different from all other, noble with a delicate vellus.
This time I wanted to find the perfect material still further away and decided on a remarkable mixture…

Les frères de sang

  • "Les frères de sang" is 280 gsm of the noblest, attested cotton:
    50% Egyptian combed cotton
    50% finest, the most perfect, organic pima cotton


    It will surprise you with its outstanding quality, durability and softness. It cannot be compared with anything else.


    This blend will make this your most beloved wrap, no matter what is your child’s weight or age.
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