I know how much you love this amazing pattern, Freres de sang. Wildness, nature, brotherhood of love - me too, I am a fan of this wild beauty! I was wondering which of blends could be the best fit for these beautiful animals. Finally, I decided to use the noble, vegetal fibres with a subtle gloss that emphasize the exceptionality of this design and make it even more classic and elegant.

Do you know those nights when the moon gleam lightens the dark with its brightness? The water is coloured in silver and the world is full of mysterious shapes.
Everything is submerged in silence that is painted in two colours – warm shade of the moon’s silver and the velvet black of the night.

It is a wrap with two faces – delicate black of combed cotton joined with a classic linen visage of dimmed silver, that has a subtle gleam.
It is an outstanding blend – linen is the most noble of all strong vegetal fibres. When entwined to a fabric it doesn’t only make it elegant… Linen breathes so it will be perfect during heat waves, it will not overheat the gentle skin of the baby.

It is also very strong – even a big toddler will be light as a feather in it, disburdening the parents’ arms.
If the word ‘linen’ makes you think of a thick, stiff fabric, I will surprise you – my linen is not thick or stiff, it doesn’t need to be tamed before you dare to carry your child in it.

The grammage, the tender weave, and highest quality of raw material will make you feel this is the perfect wrap, no matter the age of your child or the season of year.

Les freres de sang - La nuit

  • 50% wild, raw linen.
    50% Italian combed cotton.
    260 gsm of perfection to carry a new-born as well as a few-year-old.

    The wraps are woven on our own loom which guarantees their exceptional quality.

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