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Here, where I live, the winter is very mild this year. Sometimes I can feel spring wind and that smell of the incoming new… There is no snow, no freeze or even cold. Many birds did not fly away. Animals do not sleep. Warm sun rays break clouds and touch the ground. Sometimes it also rains and then I really feel like the winter is over and we need to be ready for the new start in this Nature’s cycle.

While composing the new wrap, I always look for an inspiration in the world of nature. I love to study her beauty, to know who I meet in the forest or on the meadow and how its life looks like.
For those of you who are great observers and researchers I have prepared this quite new Wild Slings’ design. While preparing it, I decided to make some kind of an encyclopedia or a guide for real explorers, I chose nine forest’s inhabitants, I drew them during walks and presented on a wrap with latin names.

You can find: a dragonfly, a cicada, a stag beetle, an Eastern tiger swallowtail, bumblebee, a brown long-eared bat, a leaf and an an acorn of an oak, a fly agaric and a cone of Scots pine, all hand-drawn with every details. I would like to invite you to use this wrap with your children and find all its elements, all forest’s inhabitants, near your home and explain them why the nature is so beautifu and really worth of being protected.

Les résidents de la foret

  • As always I took care to make this wrap perfect for a small newbie as well as for a few-year-old toddler.

    „Les résidents de la foret” is a 275 gsm composition of 3 noble blends:
    50% organic Pima cotton
    30% raw linen
    20% babmoo

    As always wooven on our own loom which is a guarantee of their highest quality.

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