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Dear Wild Slings' Friends,


You certainly recognize my beloved "Les ténèbres" moths, but this time I present them to you in a dignified and magical version - the inspiration of the new pattern are dragon scales.
Legends about dragons have been influencing human imagination for centuries, you can read about them in ancient and medieval sources, in Persian, Norse and Far Eastern mythology. These mysterious, intriguing and beautiful creatures represent the forces of nature and the four elements, they are a symbol of authority and power. They are an allegory of knowledge, wisdom, vigilance and protection - qualities that for me are also attributes of a loving parent.
The body of these boundlessly beautiful creatures is almost entirely covered in scales.
Although they are incredibly effective armor, they feel both warm and soft to the touch. They shimmer in the sun, blinding all beings around with their splendor and charm. The thought of touching this amazing structure vibrates in your head and you feel enchanted when you look at it. This is exactly what the pattern of my new wrap makes me feel.
The pattern in the colors of raspberry red and intense black gives the impression of being three-dimensional – is really original and eye-catching.
In addition, red and black is a timeless combination of colors, constituting a class in itself, and matching most styles. The dark scales that covered the entire wrap look incredibly dignified and unique. White moths delicately decorate this magical fabric creating a complete whole.
This wrap has a noble blend, very soft, but at the same time extremely carrying - perfect both for the first wraping for newborns and for carrying toddlers.
I am sure that this wrap will also have a magical effect on your beloved child and help him calm down and fall asleep with a peaceful, safe sleep in your arms.

Les ténèbres – écailles de dragon

  • I made only few of this incredibles wraps, I made it so unique, because this is another value that I care about.


    „Les ténèbres – écailles de dragon” is 280 gsm of:
    -70% Organic Pima Cotton
    -30% eucalyptus


    I weave Wild Slings wraps on our own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.
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