Dear Wild Slings' Friends,
wrap from the no cotton collection, which I am presenting to you today, is a special and jubilee wrap.


Wild Slings is celebrating its birthday and for this occasion, for the first time in history, I wove a wrap from paper yarn. Additionally, to emphasize its uniqueness, I only woven 8 of these wraps and there will never be more of them.
It was an amazing time with so many amazing wraps, patterns and the most important- people I would like to thank all of you for so much love, trust and special moments.


Wrap in my beloved moths is called a diamond - because it is a brilliant in the rough, the most beautiful of stones in its raw and wild form. Diamond is the only gemstone that consists of only one element! It shows its great simplicity and purity, and its great power, as evidenced by its hardness. As a stone with tremendous power of radiation and beauty, it is considered as a symbol of perfection! Full of light with the greatest vitality, it sends it to the darkest corners of our soul to illuminate it and purify it. If we agree to its action - it will give us what is best for us, freeing us from personal bondage and conditioning, raising us to supersonic truth, purity and clarity, giving us a cosmic connection with the entire Universe.


The diamond gives them the ability to concentrate, brings joy and happiness, and by giving strength and courage it allows us to overcome all adversities. It also gives victory and happiness in love on condition that it is sincere and pure love, as exemplified by a parent's strongest love for a child. The power of the diamond fills us with additional life energy, which means that nothing is impossible for us. After all, it is the hardest substance found in nature, and its name means indestructible and invincible. Let the power and magic of the diamond fill us, penetrate us to the very soul, allowing us to open ourselves to the world around us and to our loved ones.


Moths of my original design decorate this beautiful black and light wrap, which impresses with its simplicity, elegance and austerity. Genius at its best. Mystery, magic and symbolism that brings us closer to nature and the essence of things at every moment. This wrap is so unique also because of the combination of three noble yarns. Noble linen, so well known to us for its wonderful properties, tussah silk, which has already stolen many hearts thanks to its softness and durability, and a unique yarn made of paper, which I used to weave a wrap for the first time. This phenomenal yarn is as smooth as silk and strong as linen and hemp. And at the same time, it is savage and raw in touch. The technique of making paper yarn has been known since ancient Japan. It is strong, hypoallergenic and extremely light. Like silk - it warms in winter and cools in summer, therefore it contains all the unique features that I appreciate so much in fine yarns. This wrap we recommend especially for larger children, due to its extraordinary carrying capacity, will serve you for a long, long time. It is also perfect for summer as the fibers used are very breathable at the same time.
This wrap is cotton-free, which makes it as unique as the stone, the power of which protects the wrap. Each fringes from this wrap is woven by hand, and I only woven 8 of this wrap and there will never be more. Such beauty should be emphasized with additional uniqueness.

Les ténèbres - Diamond (with fringes)

  • I weave Wild Slings wraps on my own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.


    "Les ténèbres - Diamond (with fringes)" is 300 gsm of:
    40% - noble linen
    30% - paper yarn
    30% - tussah silk