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When I thought about the new face of "Les Tenebres" I wanted it to be magical.
Painted with light, colors and at the same time - very classic.

I wanted to weave hundreds of colorful sparks into the deep blue sky.

The effect has exceeded my expectations - this is an unusual, pictorial wrap.
For the first time I decided to use one of the most beautiful types of silk - Tsumugi.
The process of its acquisition is very time-consuming, it’s made from combed silkworms cocoons.
The fibers are spun by hand according to traditional Japanese methods.
Tsumugi silk is used to make kimonos. It doesn’t shine, is fluffy and similar to soft wool.

I also decided to add some colorful confetti to this unique wrap so I used cotton with neon nubs - their combination makes you see the whole spectrum of multicolored nubs on the wrap.

Due to thermoregulation it will be perfect for both summer and cool winter walks. Thanks to its unusual composition it will be perfect for both a baby and a toddler.

Les Ténèbres - La Nuit étoilée

  • It's 280gsm woven from unique:

    -50% organic Pima cotton
    -35% tsumugi silk
    -15% neon nubs cotton

  • Find it here.