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Seaside is one of the best places to calm, relax and feel the power of Nature. When I was a little boy, every summer I went to the seaside, I was playing in the sand on the beach and looking for treasures hidden by Mother Nature. Some wood, sticks and glass polished by sea weaves but specialy… ambers. It was the best price for me, to find that beautiful and magic „stone” in different shades of yellow and orange, like honey, sometimes even with the hidden suprise – an insect, a grain of sand or a feather...
Every one of them is completly different in colours and shapes and that irregularity make them even more magic and wonderful. I love to use tussah silk because its nubs (here in white, blue, grey and black) are always spread throughout fabric and we can not plan it. They are not regular like all treasures of wild nature. Just like ambers, it holds the secret.
Ambers are made of resin, unusual substance in warm shades of yellow, orange and brown, produced by trees to remedy their injuries, to protect them, to calm…
I hope this wrap will tuck and lully your child every time you need it.

"Les Ténèbres – La Résine"

  • It is 270 gsm of an extremely soft and strong wrap made of:
    50% organic Pima cotton
    10% bamboo
    40% tussah silk

    "Les Ténèbres – La Résine" is a very savage blend composition, ideal for summer. It’s perfect for a new born child but even a few years old toddler would be light as a feather.

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