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Dear Wild Slings’ Friends
This new wrap from our Les moments collection is inspired after the Pink Lake in Mexico.
The colour scheme is a fantastically bright contrast of pink (with a pince of burgundy) and turquoise, taken after the juxtaposition of the waters of the Lake and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
The entire length of the wrap is adorned with the familiar pattern of moths. It’s a stunning, fairytale-like arrangement, sure to become the centre of attention.
This wrap is made out of the already familiar mix of eucalyptus, tussah silk, merino wool, and yak.
Wraps mixed with merino wool and yak yarn are also perfect for the weather in warmer places. They have thermoregulatory properties, so the baby doesn’t overheat, and thanks to the whole mix, the wrap is extremely airy. It’s a great blend of fabrics that is sure to make your child feel safe and comfortable.
I weave Wild Slings wraps in France on my own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.

Les ténèbres -Lakes of Las Coloradas

  • "Les ténèbres - Lakes of Las Coloradas" with fringes is 270gsm of:
    40% - soft eucalyptus
    10% - mulesing free merino wool
    35% - tussah
    15% - yak