Dear Wild Slings' Friends,
I am pleased to present you an insanely beautiful, stunningly soft wrap that does not contain cotton.
While weaving the newest wrap, I was accompanied by the calm energy of the coming autumn. I like autumn, nostalgic, calm, but full of colors, smells and sounds that have been present in my heart since I was a child.
An autumn walk is inextricably linked with the rustling of leaves, which always makes me feel reflection. I can hear what the willows rustle about, the melody that the wind has been playing on them since the dawn of time.
A feast of colors in the trees, maples, oaks and virginia creeper constantly competing for the title of the most beautiful. When I shuffle my shoes over the leaves, I really have been unable to resist it for years, I absorb this moment and the smell. Did my grandparents hear the same sound as they walked by the hand with their parents through the park?
Were they also delighted with the sun breaking through the leaves shimmering with one half of the rainbow? In autumn, I feel the spirit of my ancestors, I feel the energy that helps me appreciate what is most important.
Family, love, warmth, trust - these values are extremely important to me. I want to show children the beauty of the outside world, but at the same time teach them that what is most beautiful is what is invisible to the eyes. The aura of autumn perfectly harmonizes with spending valuable time with the family, especially when we are greeted by the smell of warm applepie after a walk at home.
As usual, my newest fall wrap is made of a unique and noble mixture, very soft and carrying, perfect for both; newborns and toddlers.
I am sure that this wrap, thanks to its uniqueness, will have a magical effect on your beloved child and help him to calm down and fall asleep with a peaceful, safe sleep in your arms.
The wrap is in the colors of fall, so noble, proud and stunningly beautiful.
On the multi-colored, melange "Les tenebres- feuilles mortes (with fringles)" background are your favorite black moths, magical and mysterious like a whole wrap, which does not contain cotton. Thin threads of extremely soft, noble linen are interspersed with multi-colored tussah, which creates a magical, red-brown-ginger mosaic full of numbs.
The other side of the wrap looks equally impressive and dignified. Each fringle in our wraps is handcrafted, giving a spectacular visual and sensory effect, you just have to touch it!

Les tenebres- feuilles mortes

  • "Les tenebres- feuilles mortes (with fringles)" ” is 270 gsm of:
    -50% tussah silk
    -40% extremely soft, distinctive, noble linen
    -10% natural bamboo
    I weave Wild Slings wraps on our own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.