Dear Wild Slings' Friends,
today, as part of my spring / summer collection of no cotton wraps, I present you a wrap, which is a unique combination of two great features. I have combined my flagship pattern, mysterious and magical moths with your beloved blend in the l'agate color version. This unique combo is a dream come true for me, so to make it unique - I decided to weave only 18 of these wraps and there will never be more. This is also the last wrap in this collection weaved in this blend.


The magic of this collection constantly amazes me! Many shades of brown, red and ginger, as well as white and black, intertwine to create a unique, dazzling mosaic. My wrap hides characteristic multicolored layers that create a beautiful composition. Each fringle in my wraps is handcrafted, giving a spectacular visual and sensory effect.


Yak is an unusual and unique yarn that makes the sling light and soft. Rarer than cashmere, ethically sourced, antibacterial and antiallergic, delicate as a mist and soft as a cloud. Noble linen and the finest of silk - tussah, combined with meribo wool, are your favorite blend of yarns. Its touch on your baby's skin will make him feel safe and loved, because it is one of the most wonderful blend that you can wrap your baby with. Wraps mixed with merino wool and yak yarn are also perfect for the weather in warmer places. These yarns have thermoregulatory properties, so the baby doesn’t overheat, and thanks to the whole mixture, the wrap is extremly airy.

Les tenebres - l'agate (with fringes)

  • "Les tenebres - l'agate (with fringes)" is 270 gsm of:
    40% - soft noble linen
    10% - mulesing free merino wool
    35% - tussah
    15% - yak

    I weave Wild Slings wraps on my own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.