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Those of you who visit Wild Slings regulary know that I am in love with Nature. The best moment to observe her beauty is a dawn (l’aube in french). Nature is so calm and silenced, people are usually asleep, animals are just waking up, starting a new day we can feel safe and look to the future with hope and love to this world. We can feel some magic on this special moment.

Have you ever watched the sunrise by the ocean? Colours are spectacular. At the beginning it is quite dark but then when the first sun rays appear the show starts. We can see the whole color palette – different shades of blue, yellow, orange, pink and violet, all the beauty of nature gathered in one place. It is like an ideal painting of the best artist. The Nature.
I was so impressed and enchanted that I had to use those fantastic colours in my new Wild Slings wrap. This time not so dark and murky but still so close to Nature.

Les tenebres - L'aube sur l'ocean

  • „Les Tenebres – L’aube sur l’ocean” has as usual unique and noble blend, very soft, ideal for newborns and toddlers as well.

    "Les Tenebres – L’aube sur l’ocean" is 270 gsm of:
    - 50% organic Pima cotton
    - 42 % Egyptian combed cotton
    - 8% soft and shining metallized and environment-friendly rexor viscose

    I weave Wild Slings wraps on our own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail.

    As always I weaved them in a very limited number

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