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I like to observe the moon and its phases. I use this motif very often in my wraps because I belive the moon keeps some secrets. It hides and shows in all its glory, increases and decreases, comes and goes. Sometimes it shines bright like the sun and sometimes it is dark and murky. When clouds cover the night sky, he uses all his power to present himself and takes on a demonic appearance, raises ghosts and evil spirits.

This time I decided to use the very non-obvious color of the night sky, the very dark navy blue, falling into the shade of eggplant really reminds the night of falling stars.
A great show that nature gives us every year. I love watching this spectacle. Pure magic.
I dreamed of presenting him on my wrap. For this purpose, I used a beautiful tussah in shades of burgundy, ginger and mint which are reminiscent of a meteor shower.

Since Ancient times, people have believed in the magical power of falling stars. Nowadays, people are not attached to such signs so much attention, although comets appearing in the sky still cause great interest. However, the conviction has survived that seeing a falling star one should think of a good wish and it will definitely come true.
So, make a wish... and this wrap could be yours!

„Rêves de la lune - Météorites” is 270 gsm of:
60% organic Pima cotton
40% tussah

Rêves de la lune - Météorites

  • „Rêves de la lune - Météorites” is 270 gsm of:

    60% organic Pima cotton
    40% tussah

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