Dear Wild Slings' Friends,

I am pleased to present you a romantic, stunningly soft, cotton-free wrap.

Beautiful lavender fields in the French Provence stretch for kilometers and have delighted with their beauty and fragrance for centuries.

I remember my first walk in the lavender field, one of the most magical moments ...

The hovering and sound of bees collecting nectar provided an amazing, almost mystical experience!

Whenever I look at “Reves de la lune - champ de lavande” I have exactly the same feelings.

Lavender is an extraordinary plant, beautiful, mysterious, romantic. It is the essence of what I value so much. Originality, naturalness and amazing beauty. Lavender has been considered the flower of love since the dawn of time. Even the legend says that lavender is a plant whose seedlings Adam and Eve took from the garden of Eden.

Lavender was originally used to relax and stimulate the body and mind at the same time. This beautiful purple plant is perfect for energy work - it stimulates both bioenergotherapists and those who predict the future. The use of lavender in witchcraft helps us ensure happiness, prosperity and joy for ourselves and our loved ones.

Lavender is also used for rituals that attract love, purify interpersonal relationships and protect against bad energy.

It restores peace and harmony. It also protects us from so-called energy vampires, that is, people who take our energy from us. Our beautiful lavender wrap has the same properties, the baby wrapped in it is wrap in the magical power of parental love.

On the lavender background "Reves de la lune - champ de lavande" are flowers in natural linen colorway, sensual and delicate like a whole wrap, which doesn’t contain cotton. Thin threads of extremely soft noble linen are interwoven with multi-colored tussah, which creates a magical mosaic full of numbs.

Reves de la lune - champ de lavande

  • Each fringle in our wrap is handmade, which gives a spectacular effect, both visual and sensory. You just have to touch it!

    "Reves de la lune - champ de lavande” is 270 gsm of:

    -55% tussah silk

    -40% extremely soft, distinctive, noble linen

    -5% natural bamboo

    I'm sure that this wrap will have also some magical influence and your beloved baby (for newbie but also for toddler ) and will always be able to help him calm down and fall asleep in a peaceful, safe sleep in your arms.

    I weave Wild Slings wraps on our own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.