Dear Wild Slings' Friends,
Today I present you another, unique wrap from my summer collection of nocotton wraps. I weaved this wrap in extremely luxurious blend and amazing combination of colors. To emphasize its uniqueness, I woven only 12 of these wraps, and there will never be more of them.


Precious stones and minerals have always fascinated people, not only because of the beauty of their multi-colored appearance. Ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans believed in their therapeutic properties. That is why my collection of no cotton wraps this year is inspired by gemstones, because each of them has different features, thanks to which each of the wraps is an amulet, bringing different gifts for the child and the caregiver carrying the child.


Today's patron of the wrap is beautiful and elegant agate. In ancient Egypt, idols were made from agate and attributed to magical properties. In ancient Greece and the Renaissance, talismans and amulets were made of agate, and it was believed that they were enchanted with the gift of beautiful expression. Agate is known as the stone of loyalty and love. As a talisman - adds confidence.
It harmonizes yin and yang energy, has a calming effect and gives self-confidence. It is the stone that protects all the chakras, or energy centers in the body, or points where energy channels converge and where prana energy accumulates. Agate restores balance in every aspect of human life: intellectual, emotional, physical.


Agate also heals problems with falling asleep, removes nightmares, is a support for people who miss someone, strengthens perseverance and a positive attitude to reality. Harmonizes and brings balance. It adds energy, but because it is a ground stone, it does not increase energy all the time, but rather allows it to be thrown back when it is needed most. Agate is therefore a protective stone and supports longevity. It is believed that this strengthens the body and its relationship with the Earth. That's why I decided to make only 12 of these wraps, 12 unique and energetic magic wraps.


My wrap, just like its patron, hides characteristic multicolored layers that create a beautiful composition. Many shades of brown, red and ginger, as well as white and black, intertwine to create a unique, dazzling mosaic. Delicate, bright flowers and the moon blend in perfectly with this background, the whole looks as if it has always been waiting for this unique and magical combination. Each fringle in my wraps is handcrafted, giving a spectacular visual and sensory effect and make this wrap a real piece of art.


This wrap is incomparable with the others, because it has a completely new composition - it is airy, light, extremely soft and strong. This unique and noble blend, very soft, ideal for newborns and toddlers as well.


Yak is an unusual and unique yarn that makes the sling light and soft. Rarer than cashmere, ethically sourced, antibacterial and antiallergic, delicate as a mist and soft as a cloud. Noble linen and the finest of silk - tussah, combined with vegan wool, are your favorite blend of yarns, and when you add yak yarns to it... There are no words to describe how wonderful this wrap is to touch. Its touch on your baby's skin will make her feel safe and loved, because it is one of the most wonderful wraps that you can wrap your baby with. Wraps mixed with vegan wool and yak yarn are also perfect for the weather in warmer places. These yarns have thermoregulatory properties, so the baby doesn’t overheat, and thanks to the whole mixture, the wrap is extremly airy.

Reves de la lune- l'agate (with fringes)

  • I weave Wild Slings wraps on my own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.


    "Reves de la lune- l'agate" (with fringes)" is 270 gsm of:
    40% - soft noble linen
    10% - mulesing free merino wool
    35% - tussah
    15% - yak