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Do you like the sound of silence? This is a mystical sound that I’ve always associated with nature. A comforting calm combined with the stunning beauty of the world around you ...

The forest has always been magical to me, recalling in my mind an extraordinary world of fairy tales that I read as a child - and freedom. It is the kingdom of colors, smells and sounds.
But the most beautiful is the foggy forest, covered with mystery and silence, interrupted only by the sound of a beating heart.

That's the forest I decided to weave. It took me many days to draw it, but I always had feeling that I missed something. I wanted to give it a more harsh character, to combine something unusual with a mystical serenity.

The fog-shrouded runes, meticulously created from tiny twigs that appear above the canopy of trees, have been accompanying Wild Slings from the first draw of Mannaz, Algiz and Berkano.
Three elements in symbiosis, three powerful forces guarding the child;
Humanity as the essence of everything.
Mother's tenderness and safe father's arms which will always protect the child's safety.


  • "Silence" is, as always, my hand-made illustration woven from the highest quality certified yarns.
    This is of course a vegan wrap.

    It is 285 gsm of a blend that is extremely strong but in the same time good even for a newbie:
    50% Organic Pima cotton
    50% Egyptian combed cotton

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