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The second incarnation of Silence is an unusual composition, which now appears in a refined version and will never come back.

"Les Bouleaux" is an amazing combination inspired by birches - trees which are unusual and unobvious in their beauty.
Their monochrome attracts the eye in the forest. Bark resembles a noble papyrus. But when you look closer, you will see the colors: there are some amber flashes of resin or bronze tints of the trunk.

Silence - Les Bouleaux

  • "Les Bouleaux" is 285 gsm of nature, a wonderful mix of three unusual blends:

    55% noble organic Pima cotton
    40% fluffy soft linen
    5% bamboo

    I decided that the second face of Silence would be vegan, wild and noble. And on the other hand classic and bringing the freshness of the spring - "Les bouleaux" is the quintessence of this assumption.

  • Find it here.

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