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Wildness, family, nature. These three elements are the inspiration and theme of each of my illustrations, from which the wraps are born.

The wolf's motif has already appeared in Wild Slings, but their fascinating nature made me want to create a unique project with the wolves as the main character.

A wolf pack looks very much like a family. Everyone in the herd has a role which makes all the wolves safe and strong together.

Incredibly strong bonds bind the family for life. It's amazing how clever nature can be.

This wild wrap is painted with light and shade - there are two wolves coming from the darkness. Defenders, family, love and wisdom of nature.

I decided that this time I would reach for a blend that is strong like father's arms but perfect for the summer, which will give you a lot of respite on hot days. I used it several times in my wraps, but this time I chose the most noble kind of it.

The pack