This very special design is a poetic metaphor of changes that take place in everyone’s lives. When a small bud grows from the stem, large peony blossoms, her whole universe changes. The bond between a parent and a child is unique: each day enriches us with new experience, now when my fourth child was born I can feel it even stronger. Children grow and parents grow alongside them. Love is most important in our lives. It is an infinite beauty and ultimate value. “True Love” – it is the only name I could give to this design.

The colours I have chosen for this wrap are not very popular in Wild Slings but I would like it to be very feminine and elegant at the same time. I love crocuses, they herald spring, the new opening. They always bloom at International Women’s Day, the 8th March, like a gift for ladies all over the world. I am sure this wrap will be a great gift for every Mother or Mother-to-be. They are really worth this amazing design, coulour and blend. What is more this wrap will tuck and lully your child every time you need it.

"True Love – Le crocus"

  • It is 270 gsm of an extremely soft and strong wrap made of:
    50% organic Pima cotton
    10% bamboo
    40% tussah silk
    "True Love – Le crocus" is a very savage blend composition, ideal for summer. It’s perfect for a new born child but even a few years old toddler would be light as a feather.


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