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Dear Wild Slings’ Friends
This is another wrap from our newest collection, this time without cotton. "La terre" is a collection inspired by earth as an element, its shades and sides. All wraps from this collection will be made from highest quality cruelty-free materials.
The wrap is kept in a lovely, mustard shade of yellow interwoven with cream-coloured nubs, and decorated with the already familiar design of moths and playful horses. The wrap is inspired by the stunning imagery of the wavy sands of the desert. It’s an extremely airy wrap, and of unparalleled structure. It’s light and almost wild-like to touch, finished with hand-woven fringes. The composition of this wrap is 100% vegan.

Insomnia - le sable jaune

  • „Insomnia - le sable jaune” is 275 gsm of an extremely soft and strong wrap made of:
    44% - extremely soft, distinctive, noble linen
    26% - vegan „wool” (original hypoallergenic yarn that is not of animal origins)
    12% - recyclable organic tussah
    8% - natural bamboo
    8% - completely legal hemp fibre
    2% - nylon
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