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Today I am going to present you the new version of the most sophisticated Wild Slings’ design.

"Jardin Secret – Dormant" is a design that emerged from love to wild nature. You can see a hummingbird, flickering his wings over the flowers’ buds. A dragonfly, glistering in many shades of blue, hides between the leaves.
On the very bottom of the stem forest there is a snail and an autumn, red apple. It all constitutes a lovely symbiosis of colours, allows us to enjoy to the full all that is most beautiful in wild nature.

Jardin’s design is unique not only because of its extensive detail in drawings but also the colour pallet. This time I use other colours, less intense, more wintry, sleepy and peacful like the whole nature during winter is. Most of animals are already asleep or they look for the best place to hibernate. Only some of them are still up. The same with plants, they try to catch the last golden streaks of the sun to survive long, cold, incoming days. Colours of the nature change totally from intense green, red, pink, oragne and yellow into brown, grey and dark green. I really like this season and very often present its mystical edition on my wraps.

However, "Jardin Secret - Dormant" is not a regular machine wrap, it has been mostly handcrafted, not only at the designing stage but also threw the weaving process.
I think the name “dreamwoven”, that I came up with for the process itself, is the most adequate because it is a weaved fantasy.

Jardin Secret - Dormant

  • As all my wraps it is steam-disinfected and therefore safe for your child straight from the box* (The final fibre shaping is reached in the effect of the first wash and that is what I always recommend).
    The wraps are woven on our own loom which guarantees their exceptional quality.

    This beautiful, warm and soft vegan fabric is 275 gsm weaved out of:
    -50% black organic Pima cotton
    -40% two different shades of tussah
    -10% bamboo

    As always I created them in a very limited quantity and in first quality only, all from OEKO-Tex 100 certified yarns.

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