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Dear Wild Slings' Friends,
with the first days of spring, the first daffodils bloomed. Due to the fact that these are the flowers that appear in the meadows, rebirth is their main symbol. I have named my new wrap just this name because I love the feeling of omnipotence and hope that comes over me every spring.


These inconspicuous yellow flowers are a symbol of inspiration, renewal and vitality, memory, forgiveness and much more. As you can see, everything about daffodils has to do with growth, new life. I know from my friends that daffodils are known in many countries of the world and their meaning is slightly different in each of them. In France, this flower symbolizes hope and is present during the holidays associated with it. In China, the daffodil symbolizes pure happiness. It is so much appreciated in China that it is one of the symbols of the Chinese New Year. In Japan, this flower has a direct relationship with joy. In the British Isles, and more precisely in Wales, there is a legend that claims that a person who finds the first daffodil flower of a given year will be blessed with greater wealth than in the previous year. And I wish you all this unlimited happiness, good luck and joy in this beautiful, beginning spring.


I decided to weave this mustard and turquoise wrap bathed in deep black in my beloved Jardin Secret pattern. It hides all the wealth of beautiful gardens that we can only dream of. I also used original blend with organic eucalyptus wood fiber. Thanks to that the fabric is soft and smooth and very velvety to the touch. It has breathable properties, and the fibers regulate temperature and absorb moisture, so the wrap will be great also on hot days. The material is durable, does not shrink or stretch. What is also very important it is especially recommended for people with sensitive skin and allergy sufferers, so it will be perfect from the first days of a newborn's life. Its softness is poetry for the skin and it will be a great choice for both newborns and older children, because it is very durable and will surely serve you for a long, long time.

Jardin secret - jonquilles

  • I weave Wild Slings wraps on my own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.
    "Jardin secret - jonquilles" is 280 gsm of an extremely soft and strong wrap made of:
    -60% organic Pima cotton
    -40% eucalyptus
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