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"La naissance"
(monochrome wrap with nubs)

I’ve had this idea somewhere deep in me for a long time but it was really hard to find the most appropriate visualisation of my thoughts about our, humans, place in the universe.
How small we are in comparison to the endless space, but how big and important to our beloved kids.
How similar is the cycle of man’s life to the cycle of day and night. How overwhelming is the power of the parenthood that you start to feel just after you hear the first scream of this little human, totally dependent on you, that you want to protect against all the evil.

I decided to draw the solar system as a metaphor of life and birth. It was very hard to catch its perfection and incredible harmony. The power of the Sun and calm of the Moon. Motherhood and fatherhood. Two complementary poles.
I spent a lot of time on creating new versions of this hand drawn pattern. The final result really makes me proud and happy.

La naissance

  • This beautiful, extraordinary wrap is made from three amazing blends:
    50% black organic Pima cotton
    40% two different shades of tussah
    10% bamboo

    It’s a very savage blend composition, ideal for summer. It’s perfect for a new born child but even a few years old toddler would be light as a feather.

  • Find it here.

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