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Dear Wild Slings’ Friends,
The latest addition to the "L'air" collection is "Le cendre," perhaps the most rock and rebellious wrap to have ever graced our collection. Dedicated to freedom and the path of staying true to one's convictions, often against the current. "Le cendre" symbolizes both eternity and transience, fragility.
In the initial release of this design, I aimed to capture the two symbolic facets that the pocket warp scarf offers.
This particular wrap is a Pocket Weave. What is pocket weave? I call it a „two-faced.” This wrap is a classy black and white piece with burgundy roses in a realistic, hand-drawn design, finished with a bunch of hand-woven fringes in two colors-black & white.
The combination of the materials used in this wrap makes it incredibly, almost bandage-like soft. The wrap is very airy, adjust well while carrying, and does not loosen up.  Fringles are made for individual orders, if you want to order wrap with fringles its +15eu.

Le cendre

  • POCKET WEAVE „Le cendre” is 340 gsm of an extremely soft and strong wrap made of:
    30% - bio fairtrade GOTS cotton
    70% - organic eucalyptus
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