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Dear Wild Slings' Friends,
The most dignified and mysterious pattern - Les ténèbres in colors and blend, which perfectly reflects its character. The queen of wraps in its most elegant version - Les ténèbres - Noir, a black and black wrap woven from cotton and my proprietary yarn - vegan wool.


At the beginning, I will be happy to tell you again about vegan "wool", because its properties invariably delight me. Vegan wool is perfectly soft and smooth and very velvety to the touch. I completely got rid of the "biting" problem that you may know from contact with traditional wool. This fiber is breathable, helps regulate temperature and absorbs moisture, making the wrap perfect for hot days. The material is durable, does not shrink or stretch, it is very load-bearing.


Particularly noteworthy is the fact that it is especially recommended for people with sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. Thanks to this, it is an excellent choice to wear from the first days of a newborn's life. To sum up: a wrap made of vegan wool is as soft as silk, strong as hemp, cool as linen, warm as wool and more absorbent than cotton. I am sure it will delight you from the first use - you will never give it up again later!


I decided to combine this wonderful blend with a color that hypnotizes with its depth and delights with its versatility. Black symbolizes power, strength, authority and refinement. It is the color of royality and elegance - it is strongly associated with luxury and refinement as well as experience and magic. The mystery enchanted in it allows you to move the imagination and feel the primal power of nature, ancient beliefs and spells regain their power thanks to it. Black moths woven on a wrap live between the worlds - they are perfect guardians, allowing only positive energy to enter you.
The black wrap is a timeless classic that blends in perfectly with all other colors. Its softness is poetry for the skin, it will be a great choice for both newborns and older children, because it is very durable and will surely serve you for a long, long time. Let yourself and your child fall in love with this little piece of art.

Les ténèbres – Noir

  • "Les ténèbres – Noir" is 270 gsm of an extremely soft and strong wrap made of:
    -50% Egyptian combed cotton
    -50% Vegan wool


    As usual, this wrap has a unique and noble blend, very soft, perfect both for the first reeling for newborns and for carrying older children, because I made sure that it is extremely strong.
    I hope this wrap will have also some magical influence and your beloved baby and will always be able to help him calm down and fall asleep in a peaceful, safe sleep in your arms.


    I weave Wild Slings wraps on my own loom which guarantees them the highest quality and attention to every detail. Every wrap is also steam cleaned before being sent.
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