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Dear Wild Slings’ Friends
The latest scarf from the "L'air" collection features the iconic "Les tenebres" pattern in an extraordinary color palette inspired by the warm Mediterranean wind -Sirocco.
This combination of a warm shade of orange with a light seafoam turquoise evokes the imagery of the French Riviera.
It’s an extremely airy wrap, and of unparalleled structure. It’s light and almost wild-like to touch, finished with hand-woven fringes. The composition of this wrap is 100% vegan; we have designed it together with parisian store Echarpes de portage.
"L'air" is the collection is inspired by air, lightness, and delicacy.
All wraps from this collection are made from highest quality cruelty-free materials.

„Les ténèbres - Sirocco

  • „Les ténèbres - Sirocco” is 275 gsm of an extremely soft and strong wrap made of:
    44% - extremely soft, distinctive, noble linen
    26% - vegan „wool” (your favourite hypoallergenic yarn that is not of animal origins)
    12% - recyclable organic tussah
    8% - natural bamboo
    8% - completely legal hemp fibre
    2% - nylon
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