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Dear Wild Slings’ Friends
I am very excited to introduce you to the newest wrap from our new collection "La terre" inspired by earth as an element, its shades and sides. All wraps from this collection will be made from highest quality cruelty-free materials.
This particular wrap is a Pocket Weave. What is pocket weave?
I call it a „two-faced” wrap. This wrap is a warm brown piece decorated with a hyper-realistic, hand-drawn design of a moth on both sides of the wrap, finished with a bunch of black& white hand-woven fringes.

POCKET WEAVE "Le papillon de nuit- Le faucon" with fringes

  • „Le papillon de nuit- Le faucon” is 340 gsm of an extremely soft and strong wrap made of:
    - 40% bio fairtrade GOTS cotton
    - 60% tussah silk
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