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Have you ever seen a solar eclipse? Light becomes golden and the sun is enshrouded by blackness.
A complete solar eclipse is one of the most spectacular and magical phenomena one can experience.

The first record of an eclipse comes from ancient China. It was believed that in the time of the eclipse a dragon is consuming the Sun. Court astronomers were to determine the date of the next appearance of the dragon, so humanity could drive him away with drums and fireworks.

Today I would like to tame this dragon with the wrap’s magic, to show you the spectacular beauty of glistering gold and velvet blackness.
I reached for my most mystical drawing and made sure that "Les ténèbres- Éclipse solaire" was a magical and one of a kind wrap.

Golden moths rest on the black, twinkling with a mysterious glare. It is the first Wild Slings’ wrap in this blend. The colour is hard to capture, glimmering with the warmth of a fire, reflecting light.
It is an amazing combination of two yarns, delicate, noble, organic cotton with rexor – shiny, metallized yarn in an environment-friendly viscose variant.

You must be curious what "Éclipse solaire" feels like to the touch. I think I will surprise you – it is amazingly soft. It is without doubt one of the softest wraps I ever created. There is nothing to it from the roughness of shiny fabrics. Perfectly smooth, spectacular.

This beautiful golden moths wrap is made from reinforced threads and will, without any difficulty, carry also a toddler. At the same time, because of its remarkable softness, it will be ideal for a newbie.

Tenebres - Eclipse solaire

  • I also take pride in saying that this is a vegan wrap.
    As all my wraps it is steam-disinfected and therefore safe for your child straight from the box* (The final fibre shaping is reached in the effect of the first wash and that is what I always recommend).

    Éclipse solaire is 275 gsm weaved from:

    -88% organic Pima cotton
    -12% soft, shinning and environment-friendly rexor viscose

    As always I created them in a very limited quantity and in first quality only, all from OEKO-Tex 100 certified yarn

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