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True Love is a very special pattern for me. It’s an artistic metaphor of the idea of parenthood, this special bond between the parent and the child, who at first is like a little bud but then becomes a beautiful flower.

I am very proud of the composition "Eclipse Solaire", so I was convinced that this beautiful floral pattern would have to appear in this blend.

I really wanted to show you how special this draw is for me; for the first time you can see in the official photo session someone who I love more than anything – my wife and son.
The family is everything to me – it’s an asylum, a home. The love for my family is my greatest inspiration to create and without this love I would never make any of my wraps.

True Love - Eclipse Solaire

  • "True Love - Eclipse Solaire" is a unique combination of incredibly soft and beautiful natural, OEKO TEX 100 certified yarns.

    It’s 275 gsm woven from:

    88% Organic Pima cotton
    12% environment-friendly metallized rexor viscose

  • Find it here.

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