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When I touched it for the first time, I already knew it’d been created for "True Love".

I wanted the combination of colours of this extraordinary wrap to be different than all the previous ones.
I decided to choose a deep navy blue and delicate rose finished with beautiful fringes.

"Petales de magnolia" owes its name to the most beautiful trees which spread the magic around as soon as they bloom. Their petals are extremely soft and delicate, incomparable to anything else.
These petals were the inspiration to weave this unusual wrap.

For the first time, I decided to use the noblest, spectacular mulberry silk.
This is an extremely precious type of silk that I brought from Japan; the thinnest, with an unusual subtle sheen. Soft like flower petals, but extremely powerful.

Mulberry silk protects against uv rays, is very thin, but not stretchable. This is one of the most delicate yarns, so you can tenderly wrap a newborn baby, but thanks to its elasticity, it will easily carry a toddler.
It gives the impression of a fine as mist and thanks to the high hygroscopicity it will be great for the summer.

True love - Petales de Magnolia

  • This excellent composition is 270gsm:
    -50% Organic Pima cotton
    - 35% delicate as a mist shaded Mulberry silk
    -15% Egyptian cotton

    This wonderful wrap is finished with spectacular hand made fringes.

  • Find it here.

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